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  • You face complex decisions. Are you faced with more decision factors than you can get your arms around? Do your key operational computer systems lack intelligence?
  • You're having problems with processes. One or more of your processes is broken or needs to work a lot better. Many small, day-to-day decisions are not being made well, and it's having an impact on your bottom line.
  • You're troubled by risk. Do you want to limit or reduce risk?
  • Your organization is not making the most of its data. Do you track information about your organization and have data that is begging to be used for decision making?
  • You need to beat stiff competition. Others in your field are probably using operations research techniques to gain competitive advantage. Can you afford not to?


We use operations research tools and techniques for problem analysis and solution generation.  However, we begin our projects by first understanding client needs and the problem space in which they are operating. This diagnostic phase consists of interviews, data collection, and industry research.

Our strength lies in our ability to then design an integrated solution framework and approach that meets client needs while drawing upon state-of-the-art tools from operations research.  Virtually every client problem is unique, and we do not have canned approaches.  One client might need a simulation of their business processes to determine bottlenecks.  Another may need a mathematical optimization tool to assign orders to transport hubs at least overall cost.  Still another may need an estimate of health risks, for which we construct a set of statistical algorithms to analyze historical data.

Finally, we either implement the approach in a client tool, or analyze the results to determine recommended courses of action.  Our deliverables may be software, technical reports, or both