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Project Description

We developed a set of decision support tools for General Dynamics Information Technology to help them manage and optimize their maintenance delivery systems. The tools are designed to estimate service cost and performance metrics as a function of labor and inventory resources. They provide a new capability for GDIT to execute Performance Based Logistics (PBL), a contractual arrangement becoming more popular within DoD where revenue is based on meeting performance thresholds and objectives.  We designed a unique simulation-optimization approach using MS Excel as a front end, the Simul8 simulation development software, and the Optquest optimization tool.  The tool gives them a new capability to forecast the performance impacts of changes to their logistics support systems as well as optimizing support resource allocations.

More recently, we developed a version for use in call centers.  The model provides a means to identify bottlenecks, optimize call agent levels over shifts/locations, and estimate system performance metrics.  We used the model to show how a reallocation of existing labor would significantly reduce average cycle time and service higher fractions of calls within desired standards.  This application is ongoing.


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